About Us

 Our Approach

We believe that every person was created unique and has a purpose. It is this purpose when it is released allows us to serve humanity. The clothing you wear plays a huge part in your story. It sends a message about your personality; it is a way to show who you are and what you are all about.  A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word. Chayil Collections exists to streamline your style and reflect your own unique individuality.

Each client is serviced on an individual basis from our showroom, the comforts of your home or a convenient location. The process starts with an initial contact and a follow up consultation (free of charge) is scheduled. We stop at nothing to ensure you are fully satisfied with our service. Need a second or third opinion? No worries! Bring a friend or family member along, after all they are an important part of your story and ours.

Our Story

Chayil Collections Inc. was formed out of the need to provide modest clothing that were stylish and practical to women and men of faith and their families. After migrating to Canada, we soon discovered that it became extremely difficult to find attire that truly suited our needs in terms of being the right length and fit; clothing that could provide warmth during the long cold winters while at the same time was elegant. It was out of this need and encouragement from friends and family that Chayil Collections was born.

As people of faith, we are encouraged to be modest in every aspect of our lives and to honour God in all that we do; hence Chayil Collections will be the leader in this regard by sourcing and distributing clothing of the highest quality while remaining competitive . We specialize in :

  • Women’s Church Suits
  • Women’s Business Suits
  • Women’s Jacket Dresses and Dresses
  • Men’s Suits
  • Blazers
  • Casual ans Summer Wear
  • Church Hats
  • Women’s Shapewear
  • Intimates
  • Denim Skirts and Dresses

Meet the Team

Julie’s passion and drive to offer outstanding customer service and her keen sense of style has been translated to this business. Her sense of humor and candor presents a unique mix that ensures that each and every client is truly satisfied knowing that they look their best and each consultation results in a lasting relationship.



Account Executive

Charles is known for his outstanding attention to detail and a personality that lights up any room. His keen sense of fashion cannot go unnoticed. It is this ability to see the ‘big picture” that has allowed him to gain the confidence of his clients and to exceed their expectations. He is a Certified Sales Professional and enjoys consulting with his clients which he refers to as his “family”.



CEO and Founder

Next Steps…

We are always interested in hearing how we can serve you better. Give us a call@780-721-3582 or email us at info@chayilcollections.com  to  schedule a consultation.